#46 Mat mates – Adelaide’s 52 Yoga Project


Last year on arrival in Adelaide our family had a lovely surprise, we found Adelaide has an outlet of our favourite yoga store Lululemon (the Canadian active wear retailer).

And even better we found out that they offer unlimited, twice-weekly FREE yoga classes…..what a lovely surprise, an unusual gift in modern retail behaviour, but so yogic.

This week, after several months break I went again. After a busy summer away it’s taken a while to get my regular yoga class habit back. One clear yearning & intention I’ve had is to find a kula (yoga community – see below) and this intention has seen me trekking from one side of Adelaide to another – with some great experiences, but as yet not finding a true place to land that’s right for me for the long term.

I took one of the local Grenville St Sunday morning sessions (the Lulu family offer twice-weekly classes) since I already knew a sense of community could be found here.

Hence the “mat mates”. Sigh. So lovely. My yoga family was there……!

I pulled up beside *Francis, someone I had practiced next to a couple of times last year, someone my daughter had teamed up with for partners yoga last winter. So kind, peaceful. I’d forgotten about her.

AND out-of-nowhere came a big hug from *Josie, a kind of “strategic team-builder” Lululemon has employed to help support and contribute to Adelaide’s yoga community. What a dynamo. Always offering incredible insight and so open to life.

How to feel like you’re home! I can’t speak highly enough for this location and the people found with in it. This is kula…..

When diverse people come together and celebrate yoga as a unifying thread – that is kula. Kula” (Koo-la) is a Sanskrit concept which effectively means community of the heart. A kula is joined by an invisible uniting, connecting bond where social norms, history and taboos are ignored and a focus on love, abundance and expression is the defining quality. 

This community at LL is definitely an intentional kula community. Now, a community is not defined by a space (although this huge heritage building, colored walls, herb tea and smiles certainly helps) – instead it is the people that compose it.

“You are the company that you keep, so keep good company”, says yoga philosopher Douglas Brooks.

I can guarantee anyone who comes to these classes will experience this positive feeling the joining of welcoming yogi companionship …. try it for yourself……

(*PS Yogi’s names have been changed for anonymity)