Mama & passionate tenant of the planet, Melissa taught yoga for years even before completing her formal trainings (in 2009 & 2012).

Yoga began for her at 16 when her own Mama hooked her up with meditation practice for exam stress. Later, when her life blossomed with children and at the same time contracted with cancer, she found again that sweet, still place in between with asana. She has studied with many Master teachers including Todd Norian & Anne GreenGurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Rodney Yee, Seane Corn and Snatum Kaur. Her devotion to a complete yogic lifestyle was sparked and formed by the loving guidance of her Canadian mentor Lisa (Devi) Scandolari during the past 9 years.

Melissa originally graduated with a science degree in the 1990’s and later completed a Masters of Environmental Management, where her other true love (sustainability) was born. This Earth awareness collides perfectly with the yogic path so completely and so perfectly.

Influences include children’s yoga, Kundalini yoga, chanting, art therapy, Sivananda yoga and trance dance styles. Her teaching is based on Hatha and Anusara traditions which are alignment and heart-based forms of yoga. Melissa’s classes always include honest and nature-based theming for transformation and healing.

She strongly urges the importance of taking yoga out off the mat and into the world, and for that, encouraging every individual to become their own unwavering and compassionate “fierce light”.

You will find on this blog the 52 Yoga Project, asana tips and stories about yoga and related activities. You can find her environmental blog at Adelaidesphere.

*** By the way, the stunning background is part of a painting by a gorgeous spiritual being Tracey Verdugo. The piece is entitled “Concept and Creation.” (2011) Acrylic and ink on canvas. You can find her work at http://artoftracyverdugo.blogspot.com.au ***

*** Fierce Light’s beautiful logo was commissioned and designed (through 99designs) by ASW Studio’s Amanda Walsh, Washington USA ***

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