#49 Prop Junkie – Adelaide’s 52 Yoga Project


Gee I had fun this day !

There’s nothing I enjoy more than going to a rigorous hatha class and wishing I had a notebook to write down ideas, being sparked about the way a teacher explained something, or experience a kooky pose I’ve never seen before.

That’s the beauty of yoga, it’s endless, vast and there is always so much to learn.

We started out at Exhale doing a weird arm stretch warm-up. No criticism, I think it was just that it wasn’t a formal pose as such, something you can name. Lying on our sides with blankets and bolsters and tip-toeing our fingers over our heads & around, almost onto our backs. It was gold to someone like me who loves new things, likes the new and shiny, is distracted and curious about what else there is to learn……it felt incredible. More please.

And Richard nailed it – the term “prop junkie” is great, cos’ props give you such an extra range to work with, extra ways to determine where your boundaries are in space and extra protection for emerging yogis. Here’s one we did which was very new to me. Chair plough.

chair plough

Now apparently, in some circles, Plough is a bit of a no-no these days, it might be that practitioners are allowing people who are not ready nor truly able to do the pose, or perhaps it simply isn’t something our bodies should do a lot of. You decide – read this article. I’ve always loved plough, and starting out with props (blankets) years ago at an ashram in Quebec, Canada (Sivananda)  I learnt how it could do amazing things to my then-emerging dowagers hump ~ which after a decade has completely gone.

Anyway, in Richard’s class the chair was brilliant. After some confusing looks (am I facing this way? which way? Which way do the blankets face? Where does the chair go? Where do I go?) we emerged victorious and happy – since you could find out where your feet where in the inversion without needing to find the floor. Excellent for beginners.

Anyway, the point is that Richard’s instruction was bang on and the class allowed for people of all abilities to do their yoga thing. And safely and without ego and with good humour from our guide. It was an excellent session, and a space that I intend to inhabit more frequently in future…….

One comment though, it’s early days I know, but so far each of the classes I’ve done, people are very reserved. Is it an Adelaide thing? By the time I got up from Sivasana they were all almost out the door…….not a lot of interaction or smiles & gaiety. Yes, perhaps I’m being too judgemental, and the students obviously had things to go and rush off to do, cook dinner, retreat from a hard day at work.

Merely an observation, but something I am very unaccustomed to. More to learn, always more to learn.

Thanks Richard.


You can find Richard Sanders multi-teacher Exhale Yoga studio in Goodwood – they have kids yoga, prenatal yoga, etc.

Cnr 72 King William Rd. and Union Street Goodwood, SA 5061

Ph: 0418 819 138
Richard Sanders
Studio Director

Studio available For Hire for workshops.

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