The 52 Yoga Project


So it’s out now. No more hiding this light under a bushel.

I am starting a yoga project. I am going to try and visit, reflect and write about 52 yoga classes in Adelaide this year. Since I’m 4 weeks behind it’s going to be a busy time……

Why do this? Well I am a new teacher who hopes very much to stay in the beginner’s mind, so I want to see what is out there and what teachings I can soak up from my fellow community. I also am yearning for a kula, a place to belong. So it is a huge grab and share of the collective wisdom of many of the wonderful transformers who work as yogis in this city.

Conditions? Well, each teacher or studio has to be different. So 52 different experiences, styles, personalities. Gym yoga is included – though I already have preconceived notions about that and am open to change. I vow to come in anonymously and retain the confidentiality of each teacher and reflections until I am a fair way into the process and then will seek permission to publish.

Meditation classes, kirtan, chanting, dance, and other forms are out – unless I get really stuck. Conferences and workshops are in.

Will keep you updated. Am very excited and humbled and overwhelmed, much like my first class………


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